Aluminum Pigmented Coatings

Aluminum Pigmented protective coatings and sealants

In the competitive world of advanced technology and product development, industry has experienced an even greater need to provide product dependability and a greater length of operational warranties. Performance requires materials to be used at ranges near their maximum capabilities and one major concern has always been structure and fastener corrosion problems.

Through research and co-operation with leading industry manufacturers, Tiodize has been developing a variety of protective coatings and sealants to combat the problems of stress, galvanic, chemical and atmospheric corrosions.

ALUMAZITE® is our family of aluminum pigmented coatings that prevent galvanic and environmental oxidation. Like our other anti-corrosion coatings, they have excellent adhesion qualities, are resistant to fluids and can be applied to a wide variety of materials.

Tiodize coatings listed on this site have been tested and proven in many industries and meet the performance requirements of many various specifications.


Specialty Corrosion Control Coatings

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