TRIBO/COMP® Self-Lubricating Composites

Tribocomp by Tiodize

Self-lubricating bearing materials with an unequaled wear life. TIODIZE has developed new and unique self-lubricating composite materials called TRIBO/COMP These materials use graphite fibers combined with a resin and our proprietary lubricative pigments.

Tribocomp Tiodize
Tiodize Tribocomp Metals

Our materials have a high strength-to-weight ratio which is one-fourth the weight of steel and two-thirds the weight of aluminum. These graphite composites exhibit extremely long wear life, low coefficient of friction (as low as .07) and will withstand loads in excess of 30,000 psi. They will also have chemical inertness and good electrical and thermal conductivity.

TRIBO/COMP can be processed into a variety of mechanical shapes which are self-lubricating and are superior to aluminum in stiffness per unit mass at temperatures to 600°F These components are manufactured by compression, matched-die molding and show excellent dimensional stability through repeated heating/cooling cycles and exposure to water or water vapor, solvents and oils.

TRIBO/COMP can be made in many shapes and forms such as:

  • Spherical Bearings
  • Rod End Bearings
  • Bushings
  • Stem Guides
  • Thrust Washers
  • Wear Pads
  • Vanes
  • Pistons
  • Slide Bearings
  • Bearing Retainers
  • Gears
  • Seats

** Contact the TIODIZE Engineering Department to review your drawings and specifications. We look forward to working with you to develop composite parts that meet your requirements.

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Steel & Titanium

TRIBO/COMP® Spherical Bearing

Tribocomp Tiodize
Tiodize Tribocomp Metals
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PMFC= PEEK resin, Milled Fiber, Carbon
RMFC= Polyimide resin, Milled Fiber, Carbon
PMFK= PEEK resin, Milled Fiber, Kevlar

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