Sport and Consumer Products

Since 1966 the Tiodize commitment to the prevention of friction, wear and corrosion has led to a multitude of products for every industry including Aerospace, Automotive, Marine and the Medical Field.

Today, Tiodize has taken that same commitment and, through extended research and development, has expanded its line to include the Sports and Consumer markets.

Please take a few moments to look through this site and learn more about Tiodize products and how they can help you.

Products for Aerospace, Automotive, Marine and the Medical Field

Sport and Consumer Product List

Name Description Image
Name Description Image
D99 Cleaner / Degreaser A strong, safe, user friendly, water base, industrial strength cleaner/degreaser for home and work areas.
D99 Sport, Uniform Spot Remover Laundry spot remover for grass, blood, dirt and grime on uniform fabrics.
Z88 Lubricant Excellent corrosion protection, lubrication, penetration and moisture displacement in an aerosol.
Speed Skatelube The Skate Industry's number one choice for easy lubrication of wheel bearings. Available in 6 oz. aerosol cans.
Skateboard Lubricant Easy to spray aerosol to extend the life and performance of skateboard wheel bearings. Available in 6 oz. aerosol cans.
High End Bearing Oil Specially formulated premium oil for maximum lubrication of skate wheel bearings in a convenient 1/2 oz. dispenser.
Speed Clean Wheel Cleaner Used as a degreaser for wheel bearings and cleans urethane wheel surfaces for better grip.
Gold Glove Oil Professional leather oil for baseball and softball gloves in a pump spray for even distribution with no residue.
Fit Lube Pleasant smelling oil based lubricant that extends the life of treadmill pads and belts as well as equipment pivot points.
Speed Bike Lube An optimal service lubricant that penetrates to eliminate squeaks and increase the performance of chains, cables, shifters and cog sets.